We are a group of people who share same passion for Islam and Muslims. We feel that Muslims are in deep sleep so we have made it our mission to spread the information about Islam, Islamic way of Governance (Khilafah), Islamic Spirituality and the end of time especially about Imam Al-Mehdi, Ghazwa Tul Hind, Dajal and second coming of Eisah Aleyhis Salaam. We welcome our Muslim brothers and sisters to join us and be part of a positive change first within us, then in all of Umah and eventually in all of humanity. We gather information and present it to wake people up and to revive moral and ethical values. Truth is difficult to tell and even more difficult to digest. Humanity has become victim of its own greed and has forgotten what human beings were created for. Our constant strive to enjoy the luxuries of this life has made us cold hearted and isolationist; "every man for himself" and "the survival of the fittest" are the clichés we learned by observing the animals. We have become more like animals and less like the viceroy Allah intended us to be. Let us put all our differences aside and learn the core values of Islam, revive spirituality within us and be connected with Allah. That is the only way to achieve inner peace. Wake up and be the warrior against the evil that runs through our veins. Cleanse your inner self of hatred, greed and ignorance. We are here to wage a war against the devil and not the human beings who are victims of his mischief. We are not here to force any brand of Islam on anyone. We simply share the information that we believe is the truth. We refute extremism in any shape or form. Peace be upon the true viceroys of Allah. Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammadsaws is his last messenger.


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We have tried our best to provide basic information about Islam in this segment. You will find books and articles that will help you understand Islam and become a better Muslim.

Spirituality (Tasawuf)

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Spirituality is an important part of Islam. Quran talks about heart and the inner self at several places; discussing the condition of heart and the self (Nufs). We will try our best to provide information that is within the Islamic Sharia that helps in improving the condition of heart, self and eventually of society.


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Since Muslim Umah is asleep, the Devil has taken over the control of all of Humanity. We see that the human beings are being driven by greed, hatred, and selfish ambitions and compassion and selflessness has taken a back seat. In this segment you will find information about the troubles that surround the Muslim Umah and the humanity.

End of time

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Prophet Muhammadsaws foretold about the end of time. He saws mentioned some major and a lot of minor signs regarding the end of time. You will find valuable information regarding the signs of the final hour in this segment.



This segment has a lot of books in .pdf format on a wide variety of subjects relating to Islam. Most of the books are in Urdu and a few in English as well.



This segment contains audio and video lectures, naats and other material of general interest.